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Why using a new perfume makes you feel so good!


Have you ever wondered why when you buy and use a new perfume, you feel uplifted?

According to a recent study, people who used a new fragrance regarded themselves as more attractive, likable, and joyful than others who had not used the fragrant product. Dr. Alfredo Fontanini says that a new perfume or a new scent increases your mental wellbeing.

“The olfactory system plays an important role in the limbic neural system, which is involved in emotions. This explains why fragrances can evoke pleasant memories and emotions”, he says.

A new perfume is like a fresh start for you; it’s something that makes you feel good due to its scent; after all, humans are sensitive to smell.

The researchers measured the brain activity of women, with an fMRI machine while they were exposed to different stimuli: the first was their perfume; the second a new perfume, and finally a worn one. The aim was to find out which regions of the brain responded more to a newly smelled fragrance compared to a familiar one. Researchers found that while both fragrances activated the typical smell processing areas of the brain, some other regions remained more active when women smelled a new scent.

The amygdala and hippocampus (two regions associated with memory and emotion), were more active in response to a newly detected odor than an old one. Researchers found that the amygdala was also significantly more responsive to a new fragrance compared to the worn one.

According to neuroscientist, Dr. Alan Hirsch, smelling something new causes an increased brain activity in the frontal lobe (responsible for attention) and the hippocampus (involved in memory). This is why you can remember more details about things that are related to your new perfume or smell.

“The frontal lobe makes you pay attention to something new and the hippocampus stores details in memory,” he says.

The study also shows that women who use a new fragrance seem more attractive, likable, and joyful than others who didn’t wear it. The findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

This is because a perfume’s scent provides the first physical contact with someone, and is often used as a way to make yourself seem more attractive. (Read more)

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, “a new scent gives you an optimistic feeling.”

The study authors concluded that there’s greater activation of brain regions that are related to emotional processing in response to something new rather than familiar.

Some experts suggest that people tend to buy a new fragrance for different occasions, such as a wedding or a party. In this case, not only the smell but also the memories related to it make you feel good.

In one study, researchers asked participants to imagine how they’d feel if they wore a special perfume. They were then exposed to different scents while their brain activity was recorded. The results showed that the participants’ emotional responses corresponded with their expectations of what each smell would do for them.

Dr. Alfredo Fontanini says that “emotions are contagious. They can be caused or influenced by other people.”

If you feel happy, the person next to you will probably catch your happiness and feel good too. The same goes for negative emotions – they can affect others.

This means that if you are wearing a new perfume, it may influence the people around you. You will feel good, and they will feel like sharing your joy.

In conclusion, the smell of perfume can make us feel good and we don’t need science to tell us that. But it is interesting how our brains react when we wear one, which was the point of this article. So next time you’re deciding which perfume to wear try something new; it will make you feel great!

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