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What you should know about perfumes as a gift

Some said Perfume as a gift could be very personal in nature. So, before you even consider what kind of perfume to get, make sure it is the right gift for the person. It’s best reserved for someone close and special to you like a girlfriend who has everything, your small/big sister, your partner, or your parent.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate scent can be challenging. Individuals’ opinions when it comes to perfume is a little bit subjective. We might love a bergamot-scented perfume but for the other person it might as well be cat poop.

Positioning the gifts as gifts from the heart instead of trying very hard to find the liking of the recipient will ease off the pressure and allow you to take bit of risk-taking. Going after the overall packaging looks instead of scent alone will help a lot.

But don’t tense up too much. You don’t have to pick an exact match for them. There are plenty of safe picks that they are likely to love. And even if they don’t like it, the action of buying them perfume will be much appreciated.

Few tips to keep in mind when buying a perfume as a gift: –

  • The main difference among these four types of perfumes is how much pure perfume/essence they contain. The higher the essence concentration the stronger the scent.

  • Parfum is the strongest and believed to be most expensive. However, we, at Athillia Beauty has proven that you can still own a parfum at a fraction of the price you normally paid for it. It’s perfect if you are looking for a luxury perfume gift.

  • Eu de Perfume is lighter because it contains more water and alcohol. This is the best choice for most people. You can get something that smells nice but with lesser staying power in comparison to Parfum, yet not necessarily cheaper.

  • EDT or better known as Eau de Toilette is even lighter and a great choice if you are looking for an everyday perfume. Because of light scent, it’s a great choice if you are not sure what the recipient likes. EDC or Eau de Cologne is the most dilute type of fragrance. If the perfume is for your small sister, get this one for them. It’s not too strong and you can find a good one at a great price.

If you are Not Sure, Pick Light. The biggest risk when buying a perfume as a gift is getting someone something that is too intense for their liking. So, if you are not sure what someone likes, always pick a light airy scent. Go for flowery scents like orange, jasmine, ylang ylang and rose. Always on the look out for scent’s pyramid to understand the scents you are opting for.

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Other factors that can be considered in picking up perfume as a gift: –

  • New and trendy, it helps to be with the trend or new and upcoming

  • Consider the recipient’s personality, normally, flowers, natures and wood base scents are universal and sure win option.

  • You can be bold as well and tested something that are newly introduced to the market. They won’t mind trying something new if it’s from you, find a scent they’ve never tried and get it for them.

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