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What do you seek from your perfume?


Should a perfume be long-lasting? Should it give you emotional support? Do you want it to make you the center of attraction? The answer to these questions depends on what you seek from your perfume. First, it is necessary to understand what perfume is. Perfume is a fragrant liquid that releases vapors into the air. These perfumed vapors or smells are sensed by our sensory system and provide us with different odors. The sense of smell is probably the first sense we develop as newborns just after birth and it plays a major role in everyday life, especially in social relationships.

Perfumes are made up of a mixture of alcohol and oils that come from different sources such as citruses (grapefruit, lemon), flowers (iris, violet, tuberose), and animals (ambergris). All perfumes contain three main notes that are called the top note, the heart note, and the base note. Firstly they are diluted in alcohol giving them a sharp smell; then after two or three minutes, their true scent is revealed. In this stage, they are called top notes and can be very strong. After a few hours, the heart note develops revealing the true scent of a perfume.

To obtain all these scents from an aroma source, there needs to be some sort of extraction process which preserves the natural structure of that source. Thus, essential oils or essences are capable of preserving smells for a long period usually in small bottles with glass stoppers called flacons. These scents come from flowers, trees, and living things which provide us with aromatic compounds such as terpenes, monoterpenes, oxides, esters, ethers, and lactones amongst others. Nowadays perfumers use around 300 different ingredients in their formulations where only a few of them are natural essences. However, the natural essences produce a more intense smell and last longer on the skin.

To blend all these scents from top notes to heart notes together into a fragrance, the perfumer needs more than just creativity; he also needs expertise in organic chemistry which is an important part of his training. The masstige market offers a wide variety of perfumes at a cheap price thus making it more accessible for people of different ages, sexes, and social classes. Nevertheless, many experts have preferred buying real quality over quantity by using only the best essences of certain places like Grasse (France), Cologne (Germany), or Istanbul (Turkey). This has increased their prices but they remain within reach for different pockets.

The sense of smell is highly important in our lives. By using perfume we are adding so much more than just subliminal messages to ourselves; moreover, it is capable of provoking memories and feelings which can become too powerful if you don’t take care of what you wear. It is also worth mentioning the erotic use of perfumes as they have been an effective part of aphrodisiacs for centuries. Therefore, perfume should be seen as something that should be cherished and used sensibly whatever your intentions might be.

And for those of you who want to be flirtatious, it is worth mentioning that the scents of lemons and grapefruits are said to be stimulating to other people, making them want to get closer. Meanwhile, the scent of vanilla has a calming effect on most individuals. Furthermore, white musks can stimulate feelings of warmth and comfort towards those who wear them or come into contact with their vapors.

Finally, one last tip for maximum impact; apply the perfume where you want it to be noticed, like behind your earlobes or on your wrist and elbows which will generate a delicious scent trail! Happy smelling…

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