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Spice Talk- Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a spice that has been used for thousands of years. It is commonly found in many different foods and recipes, but did you know it can also be used to make perfume?Β  The cinnamon tree’s bark contains cinnamaldehyde which makes up the fragrance in most perfumes. Cinnamon oil can also be extracted from the leaves of the tree. This type of oil often comes with an orange or citrus scent because it is mixed with other oils like lemongrass or oranges. However, this type of oil will not last as long as pure cinnamon extract does on your skin!

Famous Cinnamon Perfumes

The perfume tree was known to many cultures throughout the world… It is believed that it spread throughout Asia Minor in Roman times through trade with India.Β  Curiously, it is also said that Arab merchants brought cinnamon to the African coast before the 8 the century.Β  But regardless of how it came about, it was considered extremely valuable at one time for its perfume and medical properties (rubbed on eyelids for enhanced beauty; aromatic leaves burned during childbirth; bark used as an antidote for snake poison).Β  It was so highly valued at one time, that the Byzantine emperor Justinian I (527-565) would only allow three merchants to import it into Italy from India.

Famous Cinnamon Perfumes

The perfume created from cinnamon bark is one of the first perfume oils; occasionally it was used as perfume water (water perfume).Β  Its scent is warm, spicy, sweet, and smoky. It became popular among women in the Orient of 1500 AD.Β  The perfume of cinnamon bark oil was mentioned by different historians over the years.Β  The perfume was made by distillation of the bark, sweetening it with vanilla and musk.

Famous Cinnamon Perfumes

Cinnamon perfume remained popular through time because its perfume notes blended well with other perfume ingredients.Β  It continues to be used in high-class perfume even today. . It is listed as an ingredient for perfumes that are sold at perfume boutiques such as La Maison de la Vanille and Perfumeria Gal.Β  As an ingredient, it is listed in the perfume oil perfume, “Mitsouko” by Guerlain (1919).

Famous Cinnamon Perfumes

In conclusion, cinnamon is a spicy and sweet spice that can be used to enhance the smell of perfume. Cinnamon may have been one of the first spices ever used in perfumery because it was so widely available! You don’t need a lot of this wonderful smelling spice either–just a few pinches will do. Try adding some cinnamon to your next batch for an extra kick!

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