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Perfumes for the zodiac – Aries


Today is our fifth piece on perfume for the zodiacs. Here we cover Pisces.

As the zodiacal sign that heralds the start of something dynamic and tumultuous, Aries is always accompanied by a sense of renewal and activity. They are constantly on the lookout for active, quick, and competition, always being the first in everything – from job to social gatherings. Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs owing to its rulership planet, Mars, and the fact that it is a member of the Fire element (just like Leo and Sagittarius). It is in their nature to act quickly; at times they do so before they think about it.

The Sun in such high status endows them with excellent organizational abilities, thus you’ll rarely encounter an Aries who can’t complete several things at once, often before noon! They express their difficulties by getting frustrated, hostile, and angry. When they reach this point in an argument, other individuals become the target of their frustration. Born under this sign are strong personalities who must work to achieve their objectives; through this lifetime, they embrace togetherness and collaboration.

Born in Roma Yellow Dream Donna by Valentino

– A COLOR NOTE: an energizing dose of Italian primofiore lemon brings mouth-watering, vivid citrus freshness – A COUTURE NOTE: Damascan rose essence creates a blooming and luminous femininity.Β  – A COOL NOTE: a contemporary clean accord is entwined with a sensual white musk that develops into a lingering powdery softness. The bottle is designed with the iconic Valentino Rockstud: inspired by Roman architecture, this small pyramid shape transforms the bottle from classic to edgy. The bottle is multifaceted and energized by a neon yellow signature.

Smoke for the Soul by Killian

Subversive and stupefying, Smoke for the Soul is relaxed yet highly addictive. A jeu d’esprit is found in clouded shadowland of dreams, where the senses are swathed in deadly mellow puffs. Seek refuge from a forbidden flirtation with bitter psychotropic tobacco–the sweet plant with a sharp side. Bursting blue eucalyptus cools with rosy pink grapefruit by its side, leading you into a dizzying array of cardamom, thyme and balsam fir. Fall to grace in familiar tobacco accord, birch and cashmere woods.

Spicy Aoud by Montale Paris

All the freshness of Orange combined with the warmth of Saffron on a delicate background of Patchouli reveals the intensity of a woody musk.

D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop

This is the scent of a fougere that’s been through fire. I imagine the bottle was full, cooking in the extreme heat of the blaze until the glass was black and cracked. After the embers had cooled, it was dug out underneath the rubble. Inside, stuck to the glass was the cooked resin of all that was fresh and inviting from the cologne. So you have the brightness of limes, cleanliness of lavender, joy of roses, zing of mint, and the sweetness of vanilla all cooked down into a rectified solid mass.

Allsaints Incense City

Provocative, hedonistic, incense. Part of our new unisex fragrance collection, Incense City is blended from the key note of cypress, offering a calming, fresh scent contrasted by the woody musk of cedarwood. Incense forms the base note, offering a lightly peppered and smoky fragrance for a unique and long-lasting signature.

Aries by Demeter

Strength, energy and confidence are traits that shine under the determined sign of Aries – and are feelings that we take from this blend of Jacaranda Wood, Frankincense, Amber and Bergamot. This bold, fiery fragrance evokes a thrilling sense of anticipation and is designed to remind the wearer that adventure can be found around every corner – even among the slow mundane of the everyday – if only we allow ourselves to look.


The zodiac sign Aries is a quintessential symbol of masculinity and power. Thus the choices of perfumes capture all these qualities with their boldness and strength. This scent will be sure to entice those who love their fragrance strong and masculine. Even if you’re born under the sun or not, anybody can enjoy today’s write-up from our perfume for the zodiacs blog!

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