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Perfumes for the zodiac – Aquarius


Today is blog number three- Aquarius,  in our countdown of the finest perfume for each zodiac sign.

The sign of the Water Bearer is Aquarius, which differs from the rest of the zodiac. People born with their Sun in this sign feel unique. They’re not the type to give up easily, and they may be brave and proud in their fight for liberty or quiet and scared of expressing themselves. They are both brilliant, highly intellectual people who enjoy fighting for noble causes. Aquarian people are unique in that they can see others without prejudice. This makes them extremely special because they can instantly adapt to the energy around them. Although Aquarius representatives may quickly adjust to the energy that surrounds them, they have a strong desire for alone time and away from everything to regain their strength.

The sign of Aquarius is Air, completing the Gemini-Libra tale and tying them together in opposition to freedom and relationships. They’ll rely on their thoughts and spoken words the most, but even in the things that made their heart pound at first, they might lose interest if they don’t have mental stimulation. They see the world as a vast place with numerous possibilities, and they want to be spontaneous, follow the moment, and live it to the fullest in order to avoid wasting time.

Aquarius by Demeter

The colors of Aquarius are light blue and silver, and if there was ever a fragrance that embodied these hues, this is it. Aquarius is a fresh, watery scentblending Neroli, Long Spurred Violets, Cedar and Oud. Intelligent, imaginative and sometimes eccentric, Aquarians are visionary freespirits who long to make a unique mark on the world and dislike feeling constrained. This airy, energetic, fragrance was designed to provide a feeling of‘open space’ and its bold, uplifting tones support the Aquarian instinct to view theworld as a place that is full of possibility and to fight for a future that’s bright.

Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur Parfum Spray

It is a sensual perfume, powerful yet perfectly controlled, dynamic and mysterious. Composed by Maurice Roucel as an act of seduction and generosity. Musc Ravageur is an uncompromising oriental, which runs against current fads. Its explosive departure of bergamot, tangerine and cinnamon is set against a backdrop of vanilla, musk and amber. A sexy, turbulent perfume, in a word: ravageur.

Prada Amber Pour Homme

Prada Man begins with notes of orange blossom, saffron oil, and geranium on top of mid notes of labdanum, incense, vetiver, and patchouli. The scent is defined by sensual base notes of amber, myrrh, tonka bean, leather and sandalwood.Prada Pour Homme Eau de Toilette begins with notes of orange blossom, saffron oil, and geranium on top of mid notes of labdanum, incense, vetiver, and patchouli. The scent is defined by sensual base notes of amber, myrrh, tonka bean, leather and sandalwood.

Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford

The exhilarating aroma of sea air, fresh aromatic notes, evergreens, and citrus set the scene and mingle with deeper woody scents—a crisp medley of cypress, oaks, and aromatics. The cologne captures the easy sensuality of a purely uninhibited escape.

Colonia Futura by Aqua Di Parma

Colonia Futura opens with a luminous spark of bergamot and lemon with touches of pink pepper. A dynamic opening that softens in the heart, herbaceous, fresh lavender duets with aromatic clary sage. It is a harmony that concludes with vetiver bringing its woody touch through earthy accents.

Original Vétiver by Creed

True to its name, Original Vétiver dramatically reinvents the traditional vetiver scent. Before Original Vétiver, only one part of the vetiver plant was used in a fragrance. The House of Creed infuses all three parts of the plant: the earthy root, the verdant leaves, and the rich heart to freshen the blend. The result is a green/fresh scent reminiscent of lingering summers. Invigorating, sophisticated, and vivacious, it leaves an alluring air of freshness around any lucky enough to wear it.

Aquarius perfume should not be boring and conventional, but innovative and forward-thinking. The perfume should not only stand out among others, but it should also obliterate all other smells around them. And this is why we choose these for the illustrious Aquarian!

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