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Malaysian made Perfume & Fragrances- the untold story (Updated)


Not many people know that the Malaysian made perfume and fragrances industry is really taking off fast.Β  There are dozens of companies that create unique, high quality fragrances at reasonable prices.

Malaysia’s hand-made perfume industry is very impressive and has garnered increasing interest from many parties. Many prominent department stores and boutiques now carry locally made fragrances and people are buying them in droves. Malaysian-made perfumes, as well as many other hand-made goods, are becoming more and more popular with both locals and foreigners alike. With the travel restrictions lifted and MCO is a thing of the past(hopefully), the vast and beautiful countryside of Malaysia can now be enjoyed once again. This has prompted big companies such as Sephora and Neiman Marcus to include them in their offerings for customers who love a unique and distinctive scent.

Malaysian made perfume and fragrances

Sceneries from around Malaysia – Melaka

Malaysia is becoming a center for hand-made perfume because of its rich biodiversity, as well as multiple climates that allow for many different perfumes to be created. There is also an increase in the number of trained individuals who know how to mix unique scents [in comparison to a few years ago]. The production of handmade perfumes began as a cottage industry but has since turned into a thriving industry thanks to the commitment of its artisans. Malaysia has become a major player in this industry, thanks to its talented experts, local raw materials, and global market reach.

Athillia Beauty at the 8th World Halal Expo Istanbul

Updated- Recently in October 2021, our very own Athillia Beauty’s Parfum was showcased an the 8th World Halal Expo in Istanbul and was well received.

Sceneries from around Malaysia – Langkawi

Malaysian-made fragrances were once considered to be inferior to those from other countries. This was because they didn’t smell as complex or as sophisticated as the big brands that companies such as Chanel and Dior produce. Today, however, things have changed and people now see these natural fragrances in a very different light due to their appeal.

Sceneries from around Malaysia – Penang

The country can boast several small-batch perfumers including olfac3, fragrantica, luxury perfume malaysia, Athillia Beauty & a few more whose fragrances are known for their unique blend of aromas and tropical notes. Some of these companies have gained international recognition, being featured inΒ prominent magazines, as well as at some of the most famous department stores around the world.


Sceneries from around Malaysia – Batu Caves Selangor

However, what’s interesting is the way Malaysia began focusing on these products. It wasn’t so long ago that nearly everyone bought their handmade perfumes from other countries or big brands. Malaysians simply didn’t see the point in supporting local brands or getting involved with the industry.

And then, something happened – Malaysian-made perfume became popular. Not only that but it started being sold worldwide and even exported to several other countries around the world. Not just that but there are bloggers from all over talking about them too!

Sceneries from around Malaysia – Putrajaya

Another success story is De Xandra, which creates fragrances for both men and women. It was founded by a local Malaysian entrepreneur. After a very successful marketing campaign , the company managed to bring in RM 50 million in revenue in 2016.

Malaysian-made perfumes cater to everyone’s needs. They’re produced by artisans who want to create unique fragrances that people love using. Most of these brands produce their products from local materials so it’s easy to see why they’re making a name for themselves in the global market.

Sceneries from around Malaysia – Cameron Pahang

There are dozens of other successful brands that are well worth checking out. Many are available online, which allows them to reach customers around the world. The industry is just starting to take off but there’s no doubt that the future of our Malaysian-made perfume and fragrances looks bright!

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