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How to select a desirable fragrance?


Picking Up Our Next Signature Fragrance is as easy as Picking Up our Life Partner

The process is quite simple really, it’s like choosing your life partner. Some get it right at first try, some go through several trials up, some were not successful at all. The big different, getting the right fragrance is less expensive than getting the right partner. They seem fit at the onset, however, turn out as a unmatched in the middle of the journey.

It’s like managing each individual mood swings, very challenging. On a positive note, the process of trying to get the right scent can be a very exhilarating journey.

So how do we go about in finding our signature scent? Breaking down the notes and identifying how they work with our unique body chemistry is the first step.

We should start with perfume’s scent profile. From detailing the layered notes to identifying its scent “family”, the profile is an easy way to understand a fragrance’s composition to fit it up against the mood you want to be in when you apply. In the fragrance world, olfactive families are a way to break down and classify how a perfume smells rather than what it contains.   

There are 3 main group embracing 8 olfactive families namely

  • Warm group, consisting fougere, oriental, and leather.
  • Fresh group, where you have citrus, floral, and aromatic.
  • Warm and fresh which made of the chypre and woody families which cut across between warm and fresh.

While a profile can serve as the umbrella term for the main notes of a particular fragrance, it can also touch on the layers of a scent, such as the “top, middle, and base notes, or how the fragrance is built.”

Can A Scent Profile Change Over Time?

The profile itself does not change, as the notes it was created with will always be in the scent, but the way it smells on your skin often does. Reason being, some fragrances are linear, meaning they smell the same throughout the entirety of the wear, however fragrances, do evolve on your skin over time.

The staying power of a fragrance often dependent on the order of a fragrance’s layer composition.

  • The top notes often are the quickest to fade

  • The middle notes—some called it “heart”—tend to influence both.”

  • The bottom notes are going to stick around the longest on your skin.

It’s important to note that a fragrance will introduce itself differently over time when applied directly to the skin rather than applied onto clothing. We’re more likely to experience the “tiered reveal” of a fragrance if you only apply on the edges of your wrist or collarbone, whereas you’ll be able to smell the whole composition for longer if it’s also added to fabric.

What is the most important note: top, middle, or bottom?

Our reaction mostly will be driven by the top notes because they are the ones we will smell first. But the heart and dry down notes are the most important as they are the true signature of the scent. The “dry down” refers to the body of the fragrance, the final scent that emerges after the middle note has started to wear off and the bottom note begins to fully emerge.

Getting to the right signature fragrance ultimately comes down to our personality and the mood we’re looking to access. We might prefer to wear strong perfumes daily regardless of whatever the weather condition is, while others reserve them for special occasions. Furthermore, some scents give courage, confidence, and other comfort and a sense of protection.

For some, they might have a wardrobe of scents from the different olfactive families, and use them depending on their mood of the time or season, or to match up to the way they dressed, etc.

How do you make the selection?

Selection of a scent is a deeply personal based not only on our individual preferences but also perception of scent, or how we situate certain smells. Individual’s tastes are unique, especially when it comes to fragrance. Fragrance is unisex in nature, something that smells masculine to one person can smell feminine to another,

While settling on a fragrance will ultimately come down to personal taste, preference, and body chemistry, it’s always fun to hear what those who live in the world of fragrance are leaning towards this season and next.

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