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Does wearing perfume make you more attractive to the opposite sex?


While it is claimed that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” there are numerous elements that contribute to one’s overall appeal. From wearing a certain type of clothing to having a good haircut right up to faking a smile. There are things that individuals do to make themselves more appealing to the masses. One of these is wearing perfume.

Does wearing perfume make you more attractive?

To answer this question one must first understand what perfume does. “Perfume has two purposes: to mask the smell of the wearer’s body odor and produce an aromatic or pleasant smell”.

A pleasant smell makes women’s faces seem more attractive, according to researchers. They claim that odors can alter how we see attractiveness and other people.

According to the research by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, women’s faces are considered more beautiful in the presence of pleasant smells.

For men, however, a pleasant smell accompanied with personal hygiene seems to be the key.

Perfumes and scented items have been used for millennia to enhance one’s general aesthetic appeal. Perceptions of facial attractiveness can be altered when unpleasant vs. pleasant odors are applied. However, it was unknown whether odors impact the actual visual perception of faces or how people evaluate others emotionally using their brains.

The current study used the hypothesis that judgments of attractiveness and age are made through two different perceptual processing methods: attractiveness is seen as an emotional process, while judgments of age are thought to be cognitive, or rationally-based. This implies that olfactory signals independently impact judgments of facial beauty.Β 

So what does this all mean for me? Does wearing perfume make me more attractive?

couple in love

Yes, wearing perfume does shift the odds in your favor.

As such, the sheer knowledge that another person is wearing this pleasant-smelling substance should produce a positive reaction in members of the opposite sex. However, this is where it gets complicated: there must also be an element of surprise.

“If the opposite sex knows you’re wearing it, they’ll expect that smell and will be less likely to be impressed” (Cosmopolitan). Therefore, if a possible romantic interest is aware that you are wearing perfume, chances are their heart won’t race as much as it would had they not been expecting your pleasant-smelling aura.

In conclusion, the effects of perfume on the opposite sex are dependent on how they react when you approach them. There may not be as much of a positive response if they are aware that you are wearing it. So the secret here is to never douse yourself in too much perfume. Instead, choose a high-quality fragrance that has a sensual smell but is not over-powering.

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