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perfume layering

Can I mix my perfume to create a unique scent?


The art of combining two or more fragrances is a time-tested method that people have been utilizing for ages. You may have heard of it. Perfume layering, scent mixing, and concocting a fragrance cocktail, it is all one of the same. Perfume layering is the practice of wearing two or more scents at once. Most people choose to wear a base scent with their choice of perfume on top.

Perfume layering can be done simply by placing one perfume on top of another. The results can range from overwhelming and clashing to subtle and sublimely blending. Choosing the right perfume to layer is important, but so is choosing the right base fragrance.

Mixing perfumes to create a unique smell may be difficult, especially if you are not an experienced perfumer as your nose will not know which scent to follow. However, it can be done easily with just a few simple steps.

mixing scents

Wearing two perfumes at once can be confusing, as your nose will not know which scent to follow. However, layering can also help create a new, unique scent.

You can layer your perfumes in the following ways: Β Β 

1) Two Perfumes on Each Wrist Β  Β 

2) One Perfume on Each Wrist with a Middle Scent Β Β 

3) Alternate Spritzing of Fragrance(s) on Your Neck & Body Β Β 

4) Mixing the Perfumes Before Spritzing Β  Β 

5) Wear Layered Necklaces or Bracelets to Apply Your Scents Β Β 

6) Layer Two Scented Lotions, Body Butters, or Body Splash Β Β 

7) Combine One Cologne and One Eau de Parfum Β Β 

8: Alternate Spraying Your Clothing to Apply the Scent Β Β 

Perfume layering can have a great impact on your daily mood based on your choice of scents or flavors, but it can also work for any season or occasion. For example, light and refreshing floral scents are best for summertime, whereas warm and spicy scents are best for winter. Sweet gourmand fragrances work well during the cold months, but they may not be suited for the heat. Lighter notes of woodsy or musky perfumes can be used year-round.

perfume cocktail

The first step to perfume layering is choosing your base scent. This is, in most cases, the most expensive or strongest smelling perfume you have. You may already have a scent that works well with your skin type. Β Choosing your base perfume is important when mixing perfumes because not all scents work well together. Some are simply incompatible no matter what combination you use.

Perfume layering can be done with any number of perfumes for different reasons. For instance, you may want to layer several perfumes on top of each other so they all last throughout the day. Perfume layering can also help your scent keep for longer since most perfume oils do not contain high amounts of chemicals that allow them to stay potent for a long period.

So there you have it. Perfume layering is a great way to add depth and interest to your scent, but if you’re not sure where to start or what combinations might work for you, we’ll be glad to give you some personalized advice! Contact us today at Athillia Beauty for any questions about how perfume layering can help make your world smell more beautiful.

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